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Men's Manna is a part of the vision and anointing of God given to Pastor Sims to reach out, relate, respond, and restore men... (more)
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quadratic function word problems with solutionsquadratic function word problems with solutionsquadratquadratic function word problems with solutions quadratquadratquadratic function word problems with solutionsquadratic function word problems with solutions Welcome

Pastor W. C. Sims & First Lady

Welcome to the official Samaria Baptist Church website. Thank you for visiting our site. It is our prayer that through this website you are blessed, as we preach Christ, cause sinners to be saved, and make disciples through the Word of faith. We encourage you to take advantage of everything offered on this site. As we deem it necessary, from time to time, we will add to or change services offered to continually meet the needs of those who visit our site. May your life be transformed as God gets the glory.

We are a growing church with an active ministry full of love and hospitality “the smiling church”, designed to minister to the needs of both families and individuals from all walks of life. It is my desire that your knowledge of the Word of God, the Holy Bible, grows as the Lord equips you for a positive witness and a victorious life.

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If you are in our area, please feel free to worship the Lord with us as we grow in Grace and in the knowledge of Christ.

Pastor Sims

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