Samaria Baptist Church
706 Samaria Road
Springfield, South Carolina 29146
Church Office: 803-258-3026
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History of Samaria Missionary Baptist Church
Springfield, South Carolina (1881-2009)

It was the year of 1881 when 35 Men & Women of same faith decided to request Letters of Dismissals from their Mother church, Oakey Spring Baptist. Their request was granted. Later under a Brush Harbor they organized and became known as the Samaria Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. John Williams was elected as Pastor.

Since the existence of Samaria, there have been 16 Pastors. In 1963 Rev. Monroe Bush, Jr. was elected Pastor of Samaria Missionary Baptist Church and served for 44 years until his death on January 16, 2008. Under Pastor Bush’s leadership, many projects and ministries were completed and functioning.

On December 16, 2008 Samaria voted on its seventeenth Pastor, Rev.Wendell C. Sims.  With the majority votes, on January 25, 2009 the Divine Appointment Installation of Rev. Wendell C. Sims as Pastor and Lady Cynthia Sims as First Lady became a part of the History books of Samaria.